the monuments

The old urban nucleus, with its narrow streets and terracotta houses, is located high up and leans against the Castle, with its characteristic medieval structure; another significant monument is the 13th-century Torre dei Gualtieri, with an elongated hexagonal plan, with corbels and merlons, perhaps the keep of an ancient fortress transformed in the 15th century.

In the Santa Lucia district there is the small temple dedicated to the Saint, a pilgrimage destination on Easter day. On a cliff, in the Valle Oro district, is the seventeenth-century Oratorio Madonna della Pietà. Inside, a Madonna attributed to Maratta di Camerano.

In the thick of a pine park, close to the Villa Laureati, in the Salario district, there is a fourteenth-century tower, called Torre Guelfa, the remains of a notable fort destroyed in 1348 by Gentile da Mogliano. In the historical center it is possible to visit the abbey church of San Benedetto Martire; in Romanesque style it preserves inside a Madonna del Rosario of the ‘300, a Madonna del Carmine of the ‘500 and the urn of the Saint in inlaid and gilded wood with pure gold.